Valentines Day Cupcakes!

Wanna have some fun and eat a ton of trash this Valentines day? If you are a ‘Single Pringle’ OR ‘Taken Bacon’, these cute little cupcakes can be enjoyed by either! 

Also I’ve got Valentines Gift Ideas if you’re stuck on what to get your bf or bff!

I don’t usually do much for Valentines Day when it comes to baking tbh, but when I saw this sweet af plate from Home Bargains I just thought I HAVE to buy it and make something! Plus I was also really feeling like eating a ton of sugar… Don’t judge!

I also found these little silicone things from Home Bargains too, which I thought would be brilliant to use to make it extra Valentine-y(?)

I’m aware the icing looks messy as hell, IM LEARNING! I kinda figured it just adds to the effect as well? I don’t know! (Just go with it) I thought it would look super cute to sit some little Love Hearts on top for decoration! 

What are you guys and gals up to this Valentines Day? Staying in, or going out somewhere fancy? Let me know! x


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