What Blogging Has Done To My Confidence.

I feel like blogging has given me such a boost in confidence over these past couple of years. 

Ok, first let’s throw it back to my first full body photo back in February 2018, I couldn’t really get away with showing off a coat that I really loved via a flatlay much to my disappointment. So me and Guy went up the field near my house and got some photos of me in my new coat. I can still remember all the nerves and awkwardness, Guy telling me to smile and move around more and to not get embarrassed by the bloke minding his own business walking his dog. It was such an alien thing for me to do, I had no idea what the hell to do with my face, my arms or my legs! I felt SOO awkward, I seriously just wanted the ground to swallow me whole.

When we got back home I didn’t initially like the photos because it wasn’t really me, I didn’t do these kind of photos on my blog, I didn’t show my face, I was no where near confident enough to show me on my blog before this point. I legit had fashion blog posts and made sure Guy didn’t put my face in them because it made me cringe that I had so many photos of my face on MY blog.

Now my face is slapped alllll over my blog and Instagram for you all to see!

And now I literally feel indifferent when I see a photo of me. Instead of constantly looking at all the flaws I could see of myself in a decent photo, I just think hell, I love these bright blue trousers and I’m so so happy that I’m getting opportunities from my Instagram, where I can create awesome content on my Instagram for clothing brands, and receive gifted clothes in return. FREAKING. CRAZY. Right? It’s absolutely mad. This has made me so much happier in myself. I’m embracing the tummy podge and those double chins HUNNIESSS.

Now I literally feel the complete opposite.

I think it’s definitely down to blogging over this past year properly that has changed me the most. The confidence I feel in myself now, comes from me getting out there and getting outfit photos with Guy frequently, it comes from all the support I get from my friends, family and anyone who likes and comments on my photos and blog posts. It also comes from meeting new people.

I have met so many lovely people through blogging, who blog about similar topics or who are just local to me that I can share my experiences with and relate to, and talking to these new people has helped me grow in confidence to talk to people. Mind sound a bit naff, but I can be SO SO awkward in front of people I don’t know well. If you catch me on a good day, it’s easy! But a lot of the time making conversation with people I hardly know is DIFFICULT AF.



  1. Jennifer
    28/05/2019 / 17:00

    Lovely blog like the pics to! Xx

    • abinunn
      29/05/2019 / 17:30

      Ahhh thank you!!xxx

  2. 10/06/2019 / 16:47

    This has made me smile a lot! You look so confident and gorgeous, go you! Looking forward to more of your posts!

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