What I Bought Online On The Boxing Day Sales!

What I Bought On Boxing Day!

Hello, hello and haiiiiiii. I hope you all had a FAAAAAAABULOUS Christmas and New Year! Mine was full of food and great company!

Anywhooo, down to the real reason you’re here. The boxing day sales. I shopped online because it’s SOO much easier! And although I swore to myself that I didn’t need any new clothes., to be quite honest I already have a wardrobe which is bursting as it is. I seriously need a proper clear out at some point. But the boxing day sales happened, and although I didn’t have a huge spree. I bought a coat. And I LOVE it. I LOVE IT and I have 0 REGRETS.

 What I bought in the boxing day sales What I bought in the boxing day sales

 What I bought online in the boxing day sales What I bought online in the boxing day sales

Obviously I went and had a peak on Newlook’s to see what they had in the sale, and I found this corker!

It’s this beautiful black and white houndstooth pattern with a couple of black buttons to do up. Just LOOK at how smart it looks! Whilst I was wandering around town with Guy getting photos of it the other day I genuinely felt like I had my shit together with just this coat on. And for TWENTY FREAKIN’ POUNDS. I swiped it and checked out as fast as my fingers would let me!

This coat has DEFINITELY become a staple in my coat wardrobe, and I can’t wait to wear it to death and look like a BOSS.

Did you get any bargains in the boxing day sales? Or are you waiting for the bargains this month?!


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