Why Do We Feel Like We Need To Rush Through Life?

I’ve been thinking quite a lot recently about the future, more specifically my future. And I wondered if you felt the same way, so I thought I’d just brain fart on here and see where it brings me, hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

Ok, so at the moment I’m in my first year as an apprentice, and I’m sort of wishing most of the year away so I can start earning some average dolla and start SAVING for a freaking house. That’s when I started thinking “oh hell, am I wishing my life away a bit?”. I’m sounding a bit like my parents now when I used to say I couldn’t wait for the summer holidays when I was at school or something and they used to say “don’t wish your life away! Your school days are the best days of your life” Anybody actually feel this way about school? I can’t say I absolutely loved them, but nor did I hate them?

Why am I wishing my life away?

“Corrr that’s a bit deep Ab”. Yeah I know, and its in bold and capitals. But stick with me for a sec. Do you ever just constantly wish for things to happen, and then when they do you start wishing or waiting for the next “big” thing/milestone to check off. An example? TB to my teens, I couldn’t bloody wait to learn how to drive and have my own car to drive around town in with my friends or drive to Ipswich or Cambridge for a cheeky Primark trip or driving to Felixstowe BY MYSELF. Then I passed my driving test (three attempts later) and I was SO excited to get out there! But after a while I just started thinking “right ok, what’s next?”

it’s As if you’re kinda going through life just mentally ticking off a check list

That sounds sad as heck but I sort of feel like I’m just mentally checking off a check list. And I need to BLOODY stop. It’s really exciting to think about things like in a few years moving out and getting a house with Guy and having some dogs (trust me I’m already thinking about breeds and names) as well. But I feel like I’m looking forward to these things a little too much, and forgetting about all the fab things that are happening right here and now. So dare I say it lads – if you’re relating with me on any sort of level here – we need to chill TF out and LIVE IN THE NOW *wretches* ew, who is this?


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