Why Slogan Tee’s Will ALWAYS Be A Win

So. It’s 2019. And with this new dose of motivation I suddenly seem to have acquired, I am tryyyyying to get my shit together. Firstly, I’ve given my blog a massive clear out and purged some blog posts because I fell out of love with them. Don’t worry though some have been archived and can be found in the archive category if you ever want to have an explore round de blog.

Whilst organising my room, again… I tryyyyyy to sort through my clothes that have been sat in my wardrobe gathering dust allllll year and haven’t seen the light of day and either give them to my family, shove them on Depop or a bag for charity. But it’s hard. In my head I think OH I MIGHT wear this top for a bbq this year, or if me and Guy decide to go out somewhere nice. But you know what? I NEVER WEAR IT. It just sits in my wardrobe and I probably end up buying something else for THAT bbq. I’m useless at organising my clothes, please send me assistance.

But something I realised whilst going through my wardrobe is that I have A TONNNNN of slogan and printed t-shirts in my draw and although I haven’t worn many recently (because it’s freaking cold and comfy knits are the way forward!) but I really do LOVE wearing a slogan tee.

To me honestly it’s something so easy to pair with ANYTHING in the spring/summer. LITERALLY. Pair of jeans and a slogan tee. A midi skirt and a slogan tee. Culottes?? Pair it with a sLoGaN t-ShIrT!


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