Why Sundresses Are Back In My Wardrobe This Summer!

Although my legs are pale as Casper the ghost, I still want to enjoy a good dress in the summer, whether that be by itself or with a white tee underneath! That’s why the sundresses are back this summer for me!

But I haven’t always been into wearing dresses and skirts in the summer

When I was a lot younger mum would dress me up in ALLL the cute dresses, and I think I used to look cute as a button in them ngl. But I feel like it’s only recently really now that I’ve gotten back into wearing skirts and dresses and I actually enjoy wearing them. Like I actually DECIDED to buy midi skirts for myself this year, and I wear them to death!

I chafe to smithereeeeeens! – is that TMI?

Around this time of year I used to dread wearing summer clothes because all I thought I could wear were short shorts because they were fashun – and longer shorts never looked good on me – the high waist shorts were ALWAYS for the win. But you’d always be at risk showing your family and friends what you had for breakfast! Plus with all the shorts I wore I would chafe to smithereeeeeens. Oh the joys of summer.

I think I just mentally blocked skirts and dresses out of my mind because I didn’t find any that looked flattering on me, and I wasn’t confident in them, plus me in my teenage mind just thought they were more of a dressy thing to wear. I’d rather stuff on some leggings and a tee and be on my way!

But I forgot to go back to them! So after all this time of wearing shorts, it’s become a little bit of a revelation!

Close up of Abisblog talking allll about summer dresses in a sundress from Topshop
Abisblog sitting in a field in a blue floral sundress from Topshop

So obviously since I’ve now told myself I can wear these ESSENTIAL pieces of clothing in the summer, I’ve been buying into them like craaaazy – and I feel so comfortable and confident in them!

If you aren’t too fond on the shorter sundress craze in the summer – because I get that sundresses can be a bit too short for some – I don’t always want to be on knicker watch throughout summer either believe me! So if you want to opt for something longer, there are sooo many cute midi dresses that have hit the high streets this year – Primark is obviously KILLING it this year with their summer bits if you want my opinion – but I’ve popped some below to give you a bit of inspo, because you really can’t go wrong with midi dresses this time of year! Dress them up with heels or down with some white trainers – LOVELY.

Shop midi dresses!

Abisblog sat in a field looking off to the right
Abisblog flicking her hair

This one from Topshop is my latest addition to my sundress collection and I’m smitten with it! I’m all over the ditsy floral look on EvErYtHiNg. I think it’s just a lovely summery print!

It has tie up straps rather than adjustable ones, but they are so simple to just untie rather than fanny around with the proper do up straps!

Shop Sundresses

Close up of Abisblog in beautiful blue floral sundress from Topshop which is PERFECT for summer!

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