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Zoella Beauty | Splash Botanics Review

If you haven’t read all of my blog posts, you wont know that I have previously written a little review of Zoe’s Jelly & Gelato range last year. I think it was one of my first blog posts! Which means I’m close to my year anniversary of blogging! OMG HOW EMOSH! I’ll have to do a post about that soon!

Anyway back to Splash Botanics, I figured since I loved her previous range so much I would give her the benefit of the doubt and order three products to give them a try! Without smelling any of them first… Hmm. Probably not a smart move if I ended up hating the scent (I mean ofc I wouldn’t)

I ordered these as soon as I physically could of the Superdrug website, got that click and collect next day because I was going on holiday literally the day I picked them up, I thought these would sell out pretty fast. I wasn’t wrong! I had a sneak peak of the products before I went and picked them up, didn’t smell them because I wanted it to be a “grand reveal” kind of job and there was barely anything left!

I rushed home with my box of goodies and quickly had a smell and a try of the Body Sorbet. OML, I love this scent SO much, it’s incredible.

Firstly, I’m so glad she decided to make another Moisturising Body Wash because I loved it last year! So much so I was rationing myself on it so it would last as long as physically possible! This one certainly didn’t disappoint either! Same amazing moisturised feeling once you’ve used it and a bloody lovely scent, which I think gives me proper holiday vibes! Ok I was on holiday when I was trying these, but it just had that abroad smell, and now when I use it I can just go back to being on holiday loving life! I think it’s possibly the same price as last years? I cant remember. As usual though Superdrug had the 3 for 2 and even on the new range which I thought was really good!

On to the next product. The Body Sorbet. THE BODY SORBET. THIS IS SO FLIPPING NICE I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN IT TO YOU. It’s an actual sorbet consistency which blew my tiny little mind, feels brilliant on my skin (no nasty icky feeling when you’ve had it on a while and still hasn’t soaked in properly!) and I mean, what else can I say? For £7 I thought was brilliant as well!

I did also buy the “So Soft Lip Oil” which was £5, honestly it feels so nice using the applicator and it’s really easy to put on, I seriously could just apply it constantly all day. I love the packaging, the name Splash Botanics, everything! a 10/10 from me so far I’d say!

Have you tried any of her other products in this new range or her previous one? What did you think to them?


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